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Accelerate your safety program

Our Consulting Services work on a partnership approach to enhance and evolve your organisation's current health, safety and environment practices.

We offer a variety of services and solutions to support your business to elevate its performance.


Conduct strategic planning and workshops

  • Safety leadership consultation and training

  • Safety projects

  • HSE auditing

  • Self-insurance preparation

  • Return to work strategic advice

Program planning and development

  • Safety training and education

  • Safety consulting, mentoring and coaching for employees and leadership team

  • OHS management systems development

  • Injury Management advice and education

Align safety and HR strategy to health and wellbeing strategy

  • Health and wellbeing strategic development and planning

  • Health and wellbeing program development

  • Psychologically healthy workplace strategies


  • ​Wellbeing professionals

  • ​Allied Health/ Program Manager/ Health Promotion

  • ​Contracting support

  • ​Outsourced solutions

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