• Grant Atkins - Candidate

    "Excellent example of professionalism and team work to achieve excellent outcomes for their client."

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  • Julie Wills - Candidate
    "I really recommend safesearch for anybody looking for a change in their career."
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  • Kym Cramer - Candidate
    "safesearch were very professional in their approach and maintained an open line of communication."
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  • Kym Kaptein - Candidate
    "Appreciated the honesty and realistic way in which the job was presented and professionalism."
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  • Lorella Eberl - Candidate
    "By far among the most professional recruiters I have come across."
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  • Mike Edwards - Candidate
    "The team were very supportive, they looked after my interests as much as the company."
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  • Neale Brabham - Candidate
    "They were always very supportive and went that extra yard to keep in touch and respond to any queries."
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  • Nick Sinclair - Candidate
    "They had a clear understanding of their client's organisational needs and culture."
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  • Sarah Stratton - Candidate
    "safesearch are committed to ensuring the next step you take in your career is the right one."
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  • Wayne Miller - Candidate
    "They understand your requirements and offer an excellent line of communication."
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  • Andy Kimpton - Candidate

    "An exceptionally professional structured process and enjoyable experience."

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  • Balan Pillay - Candidate

    "safesearch were totally professional in guiding me through the recruitment process."

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  • Brett Marsh - Candidate
    "I would personally like to thank all for the service and friendly manner in which everything was handled."
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  • Catherine King - Candidate
    "The service was top class - the professional yet friendly manner from all consultants was exceptional."
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  • Daniel Barr - Candidate

    "The feedback was informative, structured and timely in its delivery."

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  • Greg Lazzaro - Candidate
    "The role was aligned to my skill-set so I could forge that relationship with them."
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  • Ian Fraser - Candidate
    "safesearch were extremely professional, friendly and helpful during the application process."
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  • Laurence Rooney - Candidate
    "It caught me by surprise... the consultant's ability to see my transferable skills for my new role."
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  • Lesley Sweetman - Candidate
    "I could not think of one thing that could have been done better or differently."
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  • Linda Rickard - Candidate

    "My experience with safesearch was positive, and the consultant made what could have been a rather stressful experience into an enjoyable one."

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  • Neville Reynolds - Candidate

    "Throughout the process I was treated fairly and given all information required to make a valid decision."

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  • Roderick De Sylva - Candidate

    "The consultants were very mindful in working with both parties."

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  • Gerard Kennedy - Client
    "They understand what our needs are and I'd be very happy to go back to them again."
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  • Rod Maule - Client
    "They are very good at filling roles that are difficult to fill."
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  • Angela Seidel - Client

    "safesearch are known as the pre-eminent SHE recruitment company. Another positive experience."

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  • David Tregoweth - Client
    "I can not recommend safesearch highly enough."
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  • Heather Campbell - Client
    "envirosearch keep you involved in every step of the way, clear and articulate."
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  • Tessa Jakszewicz - Client

    "envirosearch sourced an excellent candidate to fill a key position in our ourganisation at extremely short notice..."

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safesearch are health, safety, environment (HSE) search and recruitment specialists

safesearch are a pioneer in the sourcing and recruitment of quality health, safety, environment (HSE) and workers compensation candidates across Australasia. The leadership team at safesearch bring 89 years combined experience - an average of 18 years per person - in recruitment, OHS and consulting.

Working across a diverse range of industry sectors in both contracting and permanent placements, we have built a reputation as HSE recruitment specialists. We are thought leaders in the HSE talent acquisition space. Our "narrow and deep" approach results in above industry retention rates and turn-around times that don't compromise quality.

We focus on business impact and innovation, driving credibility through corporate partnerships, chairing and facilitating thought provoking forums, supporting HSE education initiatives and producing an in-depth annual HSE remuneration survey.

our specialty areas include recruiting roles in:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Self Insurance
  • Health and Well-being
  • Injury Management and Return to Work 
  • Manual Handling and Ergonomics
  • HSE Consultants
  • Quality, Risk and Compliance
  • Workers Compensation and Claims Management
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • HSE Auditing
  • Environment and Sustainability

our industry experience includes:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing and Operations           
  • Mining and Resources
  • Oil and Gas
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport, Ports and Logistics
  • Energy and Water
  • Government and Defence
  • FMCG and Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Education and Training
  • Community and Not-for-Profit
  • Banking and Finance